Sunday, 29 June 2014

Earliest Second Brood Ever

During our round of box checks this afternoon we discovered this female incubating six eggs at a farm near to Dutton. Her ring number revealed that she is a bird that I has first ringed as a chick in 2011 but also that she is the earliest female that I have found to be incubating her second brood of eggs in a single year following the successful fledging of the first. I had already ringed her brood of six owlets on 26 May at a different farm not too far away and they have already all been left to their own devices to find their way in the big wide world.. She has wasted no time at all in laying her second clutch of the year and in doing so has committed herself to a staggering minimum of four months of time being spent incubating eggs and brooding young this year. 

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