Sunday, 27 January 2013


This morning I returned to the barn that I surveyed earlier in the week. Overnight the snow had disappeared and with the help of the farmer we quickly got the box installed at the top of the barn. Lots of pellets and droppings around, so fingers crossed for early occupation.

Monday, 21 January 2013

Successful Survey

I made a visit today to meet a local farmer who was keen to have some Barn Owl boxes on his land and was delighted to find areas of rough grassland which should provide ideal habitat for owls to hunt upon. Then when looking around this barn it was soon very obvious that the birds are already here! I have arranged to return at the weekend and install some nest boxes that will hopefully be used for breeding and provide an alternative roost site when the bales are removed.

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Safely into a new home

This afternoon we went out to replace one of our older boxes with a new 2013 model. Despite the old  box being completely rotten, as you can see below, I was delighted to find a superbly healthy, first year, female bird inside which was duly ringed. The new box was quickly put up and Mrs. Owl quickly settled into her new cosy home.


You can make out the peach flush at the top of her breast which is charcteristic of young adult birds. Despite the recent wet weather, it is so pleasing that she is managing to get out and find enough food to satisfy her needs. She will be ready to breed later in the year if she can attract a mate.

First new nestbox of the year

This is the first new nestbox that we have put up in 2013. It is situated between two established breeding sites in a field that is left as rough grassland; this should provide ideal hunting habitat for any prospecting owl.